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We Made It, ST:Voyager, Chakotay/B'Elanna Torres
by tinga13 (tinga13)
at February 20th, 2007 (07:25 pm)

Title: We Made It
Author: tinga13
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Rating: FRC--more fluff
Charater(s)/Pairing: Chakotay/B’Elanna Torres
Summary: Voyager makes it home.
Prompt: 4. circle of lights for 2x5obsessions
02. The Big Goodbye (ST:TNG) for 25_st_voyages
Word Count: 497
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Star Trek Voyager, but may the Goddess bless those who do.
Warnings: None…pure fluff
Notes: This is totally AU. I hated some of the stories in the later years. There is no Seven of Nine, and Tom & B'Elanna NEVER got together.

"I never really thought we'd be here again," B'Elanna spoke as she looked out across San Francisco, spotting the circle of lights in fireworks above the Golden Gate Bridge.

"It took us long enough," Chakotay spoke as he delivered her a flute of champagne, "But we made it."

"Yes we did," She smiled as she lifted the flute in the air in a toast, "Here's to making it home."

"Here's to making it home together," He amended before they tapped their glasses together and sipped their drinks.

"Hey, you two," Tom spoke as he and his wife, Kes, joined them, "I thought you two would be half way back to Maquis territory by now."

"It would be nice if there were anything to go back to," Chakotay spoke softly as he put his arm around B'Elanna's shoulders, "There's not. Actually we've been thinking about making a home here on Earth."

"Nah, doesn't suit either of you," Tom teased.

"Come on, Tom. You promised to show me some of the sights at night," Kes urged him with a smile.

"Will you two still be around San Francisco tomorrow? We could get together for lunch," Tom suggested.

"We don't know yet," B'Elanna mused before she shrugged, "We'll have to see how it goes."

Tom nodded before he led Kes away.

"Do you think he had a point?" B'Elanna asked as she looked to Chakotay.

"About what?"

"That settling down here on Earth doesn't exactly suit us."

Chakotay smiled, "Itching to get back into space already?"

"I wouldn't say that," She corrected, "But I don't think that you'd be happy leading a quiet life tucked away in some corner of Earth. Would you?"

"No, probably not," He agreed as Kathryn approached them, "Captain."

"That's Admiral now," Kathryn corrected then smiled brightly, "But you two are no longer members of my crew. You can call me Kathryn."

"That might take some getting used to," B'Elanna said with a slight laugh.

"I'm sure you'll adjust. How are you two coping with being back on Earth?"

"Now that's truly an adjustment," Chakotay replied, "We're not really sure we're staying actually."

"Well then, I guess this is the big goodbye then," Kathryn held out her hand and shook both B'Elanna's and Chakotay's hands, "I hope you two find success and happiness in whatever you do."

"Thank you, Captain," They both replied before correcting, "Kathryn."

When left alone once again, Chakotay turned to face B'Elanna, "We have the whole universe in front of us. Where do you want to go?"

"Right now? The only place I want to be is at home in your arms in our bed," B'Elanna smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Now that truly is a journey worth taking," Chakotay chuckled slightly before he led B'Elanna through the crowd welcoming Voyager home. After saying their goodbyes, the two weary travelers went home to explore one another…the only journey either of them wanted to undertake for a long while.