25 Star Trek Voyages

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25 Star Trek Voyages - A Fan Fiction Challenge
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Welcome to 25_st_voyages

Welcome to 25_st_voyages, another LJ fan fiction challenge community in the spirit of 100_situations or 30kisses with a twist. This community is dedicated solely to the Star Trek universe.

How to Participate

1. Join the Community.
2. Check the claim's table to make sure that the character(s) you want to write are available.
3. Look at the prompt tables to decide which set of prompts you'd like to use.
4. Make your claim, and start posting your fics. You will recieve an approval for your claim, but you can start writing and posting your fics before I get back to you if you'd like.
5. Post a notice here when you've finished your claim. You will receive a nice little banner to go on your user info once you've finished the challenge.
6. Most Importantly, have fun with the challenge!!!
7. If you have any questions, please post them here.

Format for Posting Fictions

Please post your claim and the title of your fiction in the subject of the post.

Use the following format to post fictions.

Use the following ratings:
FRC - Fan Rated Children
FRT - Fan Rated Teen
FR18 - Mostly adult material, but not explicit
FRAO - Fan Rated Adults Only
Word Count
Author's Notes
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